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WHY our leadership training course for managers?

If your employees are: ineffective, dissatisfied, unmotivated, stressed, inefficient, disoriented
How to lead, not (micro) manage people, so they could manage their work themselves?

HOW do we perform our interactive training courses?

We accomplish business ‘competency’ by using active learning methodology, teaching how to use practical business tools you can immediately apply at work or on the project.

WHAT will you learn at our leadership skills training?

To use practical business tools to lead employees and successfully manage or supervise teams
Results: Employees willingly carry out their tasks at work, fulfill obligations, better motivation

Leadership training plan and program

1 day

Leadership fundamentals
What are the main leadership skills?
How to acquire and develop effective leadership skills?
Exercise: Asses your leadership skills

Employee motivation
How to motivate employees for better performance?
How to use practical tools to improve employee motivation?
Exercise: Choose the most effective motivation tools

Influencing communication
What is influencing communication?
How to make people understand your message?
Exercise: Role-play influencing communication

Assertive communication
What is assertive, passive and aggressive communication?
How to develop ability and skillfulness of assertive communication?
Exercise: Role-play assertive communication with team members
2 day

Answering complains and objections
How to answer people complaints and objections?
How to use communication tools to answer objections?
Exercise: Role-play answering employee complains and objections

Conflict management
How to prevent unproductive conflicts at work?
How to manage and resolve conflicts with employees?
Exercise: Role-play using conflict resolution tools

Conducting effective meetings
How to plan and prepare for the meeting at work?
How to lead and conduct effective meeting with your team?
Exercise: Prepare for a meeting with your team members

Time management skills
What are essential time management skills?
How to use effective time management tools at work?
Exercise: Make your own time management plan for one work-day
3 day

Planning and preparing presentation
What are the elements of effective presentation?
How to plan and prepare presentation for your team?
Exercise: Prepare your own short presentation

Delivering effective presentation
What are the characteristics of a great presenter
How to conduct effective presentation for your team?
Exercise: Deliver your own short presentation

Planning and preparing for negotiation
What are the elements of successful negotiation process?
How to plan and prepare for effective negotiation?
Exercise: Prepare the elements and action plan for negotiation

Conducting effective negotiation
How to develop the qualities of a great negotiator?
How to negotiate effectively with employees or clients?
Exercise: Role-play negotiating with your team members
4 day

Giving and receiving feedback
What is the importance of effective feedback?
How to ask for, give and receive feedback at work?
Exercise: Role-play giving and receiving feedback

Innovation and creativity
What are the main elements of innovation process?
How do you inspire and stimulate employee creativity?
Exercise: Stimulating creativity workshop

Creative problem solving – decisions making
What are the steps of creative problem solving process?
How to creatively solve problems – make group decisions’?
Exercise: Role-play group decision making process

Facilitation and mediation
How to facilitate interactive communication and collaboration?
How to use practical tools to stimulate productive group discussions?
Exercise: Prepare to facilitate and conduct group discussion
5 day

Company values and employee behavior alignment
What makes for good organizational-company culture?
How to make your team members embrace the company values?
Exercise: Using “Value Behavior Canvas” to align values-behaviors

The five dysfunctions of a team
What is teamwork and how do you improve it?
What are the five main dysfunctions of a team?
Exercise: Asses your teamwork effectiveness

Overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team
How to overcome the five dysfunctions of a team?
Practical tools for overcoming key dysfunctions of your team
Exercise: Role-play overcoming dysfunctions with your teammates

The ideal team player
How to identify your team members’ characteristics-behaviors?
How to improve your team members’ behavior and performance?
Exercise: Map individual effectiveness of your team mates

Training is performed in 5 days X 4 hours X 75 minutes for groups of 6 to 12 people

Contact us at: info@poslovnaznanja.com – mobile: +381 63 60 80 26

Our main goal is to train and empower your managers and supervisors to solve their problems and challenges themselves and to successfully use our practical business tools at work

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